Reflection On My Personal Reflection Essay

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Personal Reflection Final
My personal reflection topic is my constant procrastination. Which is where I always put everything off until the last minute and cause myself stress. An example is every essay I did during this semester of college I did the last day it was due and never got ahead of my work. This behavior can be very problematic in my life and can cause stress, anxiety, and eventually could cause a drop in my grades.
One example would be my last speech in my Comm R110 class. This speech was worth more points than any other speech that I had done this semester and I decided that I was going to do it the last day it was due. In my defense I spent 3 hours working on it but if I had done it earlier in the week I would have been able to enhance my ideas and create a less stressful day. Thankfully I do not have a problem of anxiety because with my habit I would have more anxiety than I know how to deal with, which could eventually turn into dysthymia.
My second example is this actual paper which I did about 6 hours before it was due. This is a very good example because this paper is worth sixty points which is a lot, and I need to do well to bring my grade back to an A. This example shows how big of a problem my procrastination is because on an assignment that is this important I should have done it a week ago so that I would know it is an optimal paper.
My third example is just the obsessiveness to put off assignments in general. It isn’t an Obsessive Compulsive…

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