English Reflection Essay

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This year I have learned a lot for English and I’m planning to use what I learned in Mr. Howe for next year in English 12 HN. I would say that I gained the understanding the key elements that I need to apply for English 11. Being in his class I learned how to communicate with my peers and how to get my points across in my writing. I have overtime grown as a writer and learned how to write all types of essays. His class made me fined the enjoyment of writing papers and reading books. When I was in class we would read the book and watch the moves to get a visual idea of the author plot or climax. I think that being in his class help me with passing me writing sol because of the papers we wrote. I would say the he well prepared me for English …show more content…
When I did that it made my ideas in my writing clearer, stronger, and more convincing. It makes my reader look at the big picture and the level of my story. I read my draft out loud and listen to my words that were typed. I looked at my consistent area of problem and received feedback from classmates. For editing, I found and corrected my problems with my grammar, style, wording, usage, and punctuation. I had to look at each word carefully to see if there anything wrong with my text. I wrote on my paper for my errors and made a list of them. I reread my paper many times to see if I missed anything. I also used spell check and grammar check for my paper. I feedback from my classmates in two ways which were verbal feedback and writing. They constructed to inform me of what I did wrong and give me subjection of what to do. When I started to edit my paper I started to have words that could fit the story. I started to add commas in my writing in order to for my writing to make sense. I had sticky notes to write my own feedback about my essay. I had my classmates to ask me what I needed to improve on for the essay to be great. I learned how to revise all my paper because of my classmates and when I took my notes. I learned how to use for note taking skills for all of my

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