Reflection On My Experience At The Community Service Learning Center

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Register to read the introduction… I figured out the reasons for my anxiety I fear the humiliation of failing at my speech and stumbling over my words, I worry about my appearance and I am a perfectionist so I beat myself up when I mess something up or goes wrong. I learned how to decrease my anxiety by deep breathing, Drinking an energy drink before class, I know that doesn’t work for most people but it does for me it gives me the energy boost and confidence that I need to get up on front of people. I feel like I come prepared to class to do my speech and come prepared for any questions I might receive. I also focus on my presentation and not my fear. I knew how to determine my purpose before I start my speech preparedness. I select and narrow my topic, I gather my supporting material by looking on the internet, and then I gathered my presentation aids such as : photographs, charts, maps, graphs, flipcharts, the chalkboard, and then I sit down and prepare my speech in PowerPoint or Prezi (which I learned just for this class I had never used it before). Then I rehearse my speech and then delivered it in my class in front of all of you.
I Learned how to become an active listener during speeches, and how to comment my thoughts out loud to someone after their speech. I learned to ignore certain outside thoughts that came to mind during a speech,
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I learned how to judge an audience by their demographics, and gender. I tried to use a favorable voice when doing my writings. I learned to watch an audience and listen to their responses verbally and tried to watch their non-verbal responses to my speech. I tried to make eye contact, use my facial expressions to motivate the audience, I tried to be more aware of my movements and where I put my hands at all times.
I used all the different types of speeches when I did my service learning, Persuasive, informative, impromptu and prepared. I used the persuasive in order to try to talk people into adopting our dogs. I used the informative speech to inform the people about Watermelon Mountain Ranch and what we do for the dogs and people and how we bring them together. I also used the impromptu speeches for when I would just walk up to someone looking at our dogs and begin talking to them about all the same stuff. I used the prepared speeches when talking to bigger groups of

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