Media Influence On Politics

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There are many things that influence our way of thinking about certain situations. We learn new things and experiences things we could have never otherwise learned anywhere else. This happens even with the political issues that happen with in the United States. A lot of times media and socialization has an effect on us on how we see the issue presented. Media and family can be biased about certain issues, like elections, that teaches you to see their way of things. An issue with media and everyone you know teaching you about politics is that you will only ever really see one side of things. They will teach you about their side and not every side that can be available out there for you to learn about. Many people do not take in mind the positive or negative when they have an effect on others views of the political process. If they had thought about the good and bad they may not realize if our media and things like it may or may not reflect the demcractic value of our country. Like everything else though, there can be a few …show more content…
The media, like the news, lets us see what they want us to see. They find the worst situation and that is all they talk about. That is because the media finds more viewers when the news contains more violence and more horrible situations. They rarely if ever so anything in a positive light, especially when it comes to politics and the election. The media enjoys finding the bad in each candidate and then that is all they talk about. So a lot of times they are teaching young viewers to only look for the bad in people and the politics. There is really no teaching the viewers about the good those same people can have just because if the media does not show the bad then they would not have a lot of viewers. People nowadays just loves to find the horrible in people as well as watch the violent things that go on in the United States because it is more exciting than the good that happens in

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