Reflection On Life In The Transtheoretical Model Of Change

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As I had mentioned about life in my first reflection of the change process that, life is a journey where we face many ups and downs, and happiness and sorrows. My journey of change was to lead a healthy lifestyle, living a life free from any sicknesses, infections and complications, as no one knows where this journey would be terminated.
My change agenda, however, was to maintain a healthy weight. According to the change agenda worksheet, I was on Preparation stage, one of the stages lined in the Transtheoretical model of change. As outlined by the trans-theoretical change model, which explains the stages and decision making whereby people modify a problem behavior or acquire a positive behavior (Kemp & Jakubec, 2013, p. 386); Preparation
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I have been determined to bring change and to do so, I did some research on healthy living tips and thus, followed the path. I followed Canada’s food guide proportions of daily-recommended sizes. Canada’s food guide outlines food-serving sizes and recommends a specific number of servings from each of the 4 food groups (Parikh, Hamadeh & Kuk, 2015, p.1). This food guide served as a promotional tool in weight management and nutrition control. I followed the regime four food groups displayed in Canada’s food guide, which suggested the portion sizes according to weight I was currently at and my height. Through this I kept a journal of my calorie intake of every food I …show more content…
And, if I did not know anything, then I would ask for help so that I can achieve my aim. An example to support this, when my family and I went out on social dinners, I choose not to have any cheese made appetizers instead I ordered a healthy salad with no dressing. I belong to an ethnic group where eating salads is not common during supper time, so I asked an attendant at the restaurant to help me make healthy choices for my meal. Every single day I wake up and follow my own guidelines/timeline that I had developed to bring this change in

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