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Lean on me is about a highly qualified independent teacher returns to a troublesome high school. He is tasked with the daunting job or riding the school from drug dealers, gang violence and a host of other complications. On top of all that is mandatory for the school improve the school basic skills test score. Me. Clark has a special connection with all the students but puts extra focus on Thomas Sams, a misguided freshman with a world of potential but no vision for the future. Unfortunately his bold moves and ideologies draw negative attention from parents, staff and school official and Mr. Clark is face with the facts that needs collaboration in order achieve all his visions.

Firs Name: Thomas Sams
Gender: Male
Age: Thomas Sams is a freshman
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Clark has just realized that he to collaborate with others to fulfill the goal reaching the troubled students and helping them realize their purpose in life. I am brought in as a consultant to tackle the need for inspiration for the students. To have them see that they have a purpose and they can do anything but the have to be fully committed. Mr. Clark and the faculty will come up a generic model that can be edited for each student’s individual needs. I would meet with the students one on one that the staff has identified as needing help. Meeting one on one will ensure that the students feel no type of shame and no one has to know about our sessions. Also I will have open hours for the students who think they need help but went referred by staff. My mission for entering this school system to is inspire the students. They have no sense of direction and need someone who can help them that is objective. The students need career planning a sense of belonging; most of all they need a moral boost. One student in particular Tomas Sams, he used to use drugs and now wants to do the right thing and but need help resting old way and finds new habits for …show more content…
Mr. Sams has plan of contact and a dream of becoming a school Principal like Mr. Clark. We enroll Mr. Sams in college prepatory classes, and have set up a few minutes throughout the day that he can shadow and talk with Mr. Clark. We set Mr. Sams and the school up for college tours and SAT and ACT Saturday study classes. Mr. Sams and the other students have a plan of action. They each have their mentors that they shadow for potential career paths. They have study prep for SAT and ACT on Saturdays, and they have a grade accountability contacts to ensure that they are keep academics first. The students also have mandatory out of school hobbies to participate in, to keep their lives balanced. To evaluate the plans that have been implemted we will have self, parent ad staff evaluations to ensure constant

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