Reflection On Leadership Assessment Activity

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Mid-term assignment (20%)
Leadership Assessment Activity
A leader development reflection on the leadership behaviors and responsibilities through the lens of Full Range Leadership Model.

Step 1. Write about current situation. To what extent do you currently have opportunities to think about and act upon leadership ideas outsides of MAEM?

Currently, I am a student and quite busy only with my lessons. Consequently, I have not got any other opportunity for extending my thoughts or actions which are related to leadership. But I try to work on myself outside of ADA by doing research, reading lots of literature, watching films related to my branch, listening to and getting advice from professionals in this sphere. By the help of them, I
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Giving corrective action or work plans
My leadership skill in this area is: 5
An example of this component is: I have an ability in properly planning of the steps of the work. By this way I can accelerate my achieving the plans.

Vision and mission
My leadership skill in this area is: 3
An example of this component is: The events that surround me effect easily my decisions which reflects to the constantly changing of my vision.

Developing teams
My leadership skill in this area is: 4
An example of this component is: I used to be a monitor during my school period and my class always differed in terms of discipline.

Developing people as individuals
My leadership skill in this area is: 4
An example of this component is: During my internship period at my bachelor degree, I approached to the lazy students individually which affected to their performance positively.

Building positive culture/climate
My leadership skill in this area is:
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I wanted to work while studying. Unfortunately, after beginning I saw that it can be hard for me. That is why I postponed this thought till summer. But before my summer plans, my major goal is to take an internship this spring semester. before going there I have to improve some of my weak skills, concerning with my task management or workflow, sharing decision making and the most crucial point having a clear vision and mission. After training these goals through my internship and being ready for the next step, I am planning to work at English courses during this summer for developing practically. As a second step, I would like to go abroad for attending some specific seminars which are related to leadership skills. Because I want to compare foreign programs with ours. And finally, I would like to execute some novelty at my workplace according to my learnings, if there is any

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