Reflection On Interviews And Swot Analysis Essay

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Reflection 3: Interviews and SWOT Analysis
I was just thinking about interviews and how much I sucked at them. It’s no wonder that I never got most of those jobs I applied for. I used to go into an interview feeling prepared, but walk out feeling stupid and inadequate. That was me during my Freshman and Sophomore years. I really didn 't know what I was doing wrong but I knew everything went to crap after the interview stage. But hold on a minute, am not saying that the only reason why I didn 't get any of those jobs was because I sucked at interview. It could have been because I sucked at the interview and I also did not fully meet the qualifications of the job. However, am just reminiscing about the time in my life when I really sucked at interviews.
I remember going to one interview and the first question I was asked was the notorious “tell me about yourself?” While answering the question I mentioned my age, how many siblings I have, how I enjoyed dancing and plenty unnecessary jargon. Let’s not forget the one time I was interviewing for a writing TA/mentor position where I would have been tasked with guiding students as they wrote their personal essays and when asked what my biggest weakness was I said, “Honestly, I don’t like writing essays about myself.” Honestly, if I could go back in time I would slap that thought of my head then proceed to slap myself for even thinking about saying that. What was I thinking say that? How was saying that going to get me the job? The…

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