Reflection On Inclusion In Education

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“Inclusion: A service, not a place” was one of the most heartwarming videos on education that I have ever seen. I found myself smiling ear to ear at the nurturing acceptation of diversity throughout this film. At the beginning of the video, it states how in previous years there was two types of education, one for classes who are deemed “normal” and one for children with special needs. If it is acceptable for adults to separate children based on developmental and learning aspects, then how can we expect children to learn the meaning of diversity and learn to love those who are different? Integrating special needs children into the classroom with children who considered “typical” is one of the best decisions that a school system can make. No …show more content…
Inclusion is all for one and one for all. It is not being separated to attend to the needs that WE think these children need. Instead, it is providing them the social, physical, and emotional support that they need by being in the classroom with other students. Teachers need to remember with inclusion that there are multiple ways to represent, express, and engage in the material. We can learn from the students as well. All schools should work towards inclusion in the classroom because I think it is something that would be beneficial to the general education and the special education. I cannot get over how great this video was and how much things have changed since I was in grade school. I remember there being developmentally delayed students in some of my classes, however they were never treated as a part of the class. Now that the class is all together and looked at as one, these children can begin to feel comfort and success in the classroom because just like all of the others, they are an important aspect of the classroom and we can learn from them just as much as they learn from us. I love learning new ways to look at diversity in the classroom and I have defiantly taken a lot away from this

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