How To Write A Reflective Essay On When Emotions Were Taken Away

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Self-Reflection Paper 1: Emotions

If Emotions Were Taken Away Emotions is a natural instinctive state of mind deriving from one’s circumstances, mood, and relationships with others. Emotion is a very important part of our programing. By taking away an emotion we cannot function. Every emotion I believe works together, and by taking one emotion away, your emotional state becomes unstable. An example of two emotions that work hand in hand is happiness and sadness. Sadness is an emotion that everyone hates to experience. What if we take that emotion away? How would this affect a person? Would we be able to function? I believe that by taking sadness away it would be impossible for me to experience being human. Every emotion, in my opinion, works together to keep you emotionally stable. By taking an obviously bad emotion away, how would I be able to experience happiness? I believe that to experience happiness’s I have to feel sadness. I have to feel the bad to come out and appreciate the good. Feeling sadness can empower you. Sadness is the fundamental characteristic of the way we lead our lives. By feeling sadness, you can see clearly. This allows us to “open our eyes” to the reality of what is going on around us. By taking away happiness, we would not
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Every person is unique. Although we all have emotions, the feelings we get from the emotions, and what we do when feeling the emotions make us unique. By taking away sadness a person cannot be unique or an individual. They would not be able to make changes in their life that creates happiness for them. We as people strive to achieve our highest potential. Sadness makes us work harder to find that. When something happens that creates sadness, we start the process of figuring out how to change our current situation. If we take this emotion away, we will never strive to be the highest potential we can

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