Reflection On Fitness And Exercise

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Task 1: own reflection
Ever since little, exercise played a big role in my life, and not only because my parents were and still are sports fanatics but mainly because I grew up to naturally love the idea of sport itself. Fitness I believe is crucial to one’s daily life and through the experience I’ve had so far, I can’t see why people wouldn’t want to anyways.
To this day I’m definitely more of an active outdoor type of person as opposed to a cultural sort of passive person in and outside of school. My true love for sport undeniably started showing in my high school years where grade 8 came and my mom forced me to gym with her because she felt I was now old enough to slowly start exercising more intensively when it was actually the one sport/exercise I never really took much interest in back then and well needless to say, I still gym everyday 2nd day if not every day when I can.
Another eye opener for me was athletics and the passion I’ve grown for running, also a grade 8 story where inter high athletics came and I thought I’d give the 1,5km a go and just have fun with friends, but then came that day and whilst I was running the adrenaline kicked in and suddenly I felt a need to compete. I didn’t win that
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Lastly, time and university could get the way off the normal routine but life happens I just have to formulate ways around it like possibly rescheduling for different days or different times to try and still accommodate myself with minimal

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