Reflection On Fear And Fear Essay

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Reflective Introduction

After much contemplation I chose the central theme for my portfolio to be fear, more specifically being consumed or controlled by fear. Fear can be a horrible emotion that stifles our actions and consumes our brains. It is is something that every human being has experienced at least once in his or her lifetime. Whether it is fear of the dark, of heights, of a person, of growing up or of fitting in, we have all experienced it. Personally I’ve realized that fear is something that defeats you or is defeated by you, but you cannot simply ignore it.

I decided to focus on this theme seeing as it is something everyone can relate to. However, authors often talk about overcoming fear and defeating it, I decided to focus on the opposite: when fear defeats you. The reality is that fear is burdensome and it created a hardship in most people’s everyday lives. Occasionally we lose the fight to being afraid and we let our fears confine us to only what is comfortable or routine. Many times throughout my life I’ve allowed fear to dictate my decisions causing me to feel powerless against even myself. This is where most of my ideas stem from, the difficulty and heartache caused by a fight lost against your own fears. Fear is the source of stress, anxiousness, and nervousness, these are the emotions I tried to display through the poems I chose and the ones that I wrote. I found two poems, both by unknown authors, which perfectly highlight my theme, called “I Can Still…

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