Reflection On Experiential Learning Activity Essay

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Experiential Learning Activity #1: Field Trip to Museum of Sex As a women, gender and sexuality major, I have always pondered the sociological and cultural implications of having labels regarding sexual orientation and gender dynamics. The existence of a sexual orientation dichotomy, which places the heterosexual label in a domain of power, marginalize those who do not associate or identify with heteronormative ideals and markers. Being able to take this course on the psychological perspective on gender and sexuality has allowed me to critique as well as deepen my concerns as to why humans feel the need to label and group themselves. As part of the Human sexuality curriculum for this course, we were asked to seek out and experience an activity regarding human sexuality that would remove us from our comfort zones. Out of all the activities suggested in the syllabus, I chose to visit the Museum of Sex in the heart of Manhattan because I believed it would be the most educational out of all the activities. Because I study a discourse that is most often hidden from and shamed by the public, I went into the museum with underwhelming expectations and left with feelings of minor satisfaction. It is good to know that such a museum exists for the purpose of exposing the public to the realities of sexuality and desire. However, I felt that the museum was lacking in exposing all dimensions of sexuality. Sexuality is not just a spectrum of identity that spans from heterosexuality…

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