Reflection On Examination In Homer's 'Odysseus'

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Reflection on exam

I am not adept at writing, hence, generally speaking, writing essays gives me anxiety. So when the time is not unlimited, and factoring in my inability to clearly express my thoughts on paper, I am unable to perform my best. Perhaps my major problem is my anxiety, as I often skim quickly over passages and immediately get stuck on small specifics that I pick up at first glance when feeling pressured. I really strive to write scholarly literary analyses and I feel disappointed and frustrated because no matter how hard I try to think deeper and connect the device with its purpose, I never seem to succeed. I feel annoyed with myself as I feel like my hard work doesn’t pay off. I hope that as I continue to work on careful reading
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This critical misreading hindered my ability to contrast the two poems since I did not pick up the irony in it. Even though I understood that the Sirens were portrayed as manipulative, I did not state that the tone of the poem was ironic because I thought it was a man speaking about the Sirens. Similarly, in the extract from Homer’s epic, I first misidentified it as a prose text (due to its narration style) and failed to realize that the speaker is Odysseus. These huge errors thus led me off to a wrong track of analysis. What could I have done to prevent such mistakes? Perhaps finding evidence to support who the speaker is and regarding the title of the poem as an explicit summary. I find that I struggle to understand the basic and literal meaning of texts, perhaps I overthink, or perhaps my comprehension skills are not up to par. Moreover, I often cannot pick out the significant pieces of evidence. I think the time constraint makes me even more careless and less willing to delve deeper into the text. Also, I must be careful not to forget the prompt and state things that are perhaps correct but unrelated. I know that my explanations are not greatly worded, so I hope that more practice would improve my ability to write explicitly what I am thinking and link every idea to the …show more content…
I guess I was too hasty in my judgements and did not finish reading the entire passage before I drew my conclusions about that sentence. In sum, I did not regard the entire passage when I read the first two or so paragraphs. I thus made the mistake of claiming that Estrella was impatient in a childish sense. Unfortunately, I tend to rush when reading texts and avoid dwelling too much on it because I am a slow writer. However, this, in turn, weakened my analysis. Next time, I will read the text through twice before beginning to gather my points. I hope this will prevent me from overlooking the last few lines of the text and paying too little attention to explicit statements, such as the obvious epiphany. Another thing I learnt this time is that one should not be afraid to identify a symbol and social commentary in literature. This is because these are often the most effective means of conveying the theme and would also show a higher level of

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