Equality Of Education Research Paper

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Our group discussed the issue of equality of education with respect to poverty, tracking dropouts, and bullying. Equality of education ties in with equity. Equity is the process, in which equality is the outcome. After looking at our four main topics, we discussed on how students who suffer from any of these circumstances do not reach equality in the classroom. We particularly focused on how future educators can provide different standards of equity in order to make sure their students all have equality has an outcome. To complete this process we looked at the historical aspect, social aspect, and anthropological aspect.
Looking at the historical aspect of each topic poverty, dropouts, tracking, and bullying have been prevalent for hundreds
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I was definitely aware of these tensions prior to studying this issue, but Katie definitely showed a new light on tracking, especially with Special Education students. I did not know the hardships and the long process of a parent enrolling their child in a special needs program. I also was unaware of poverty in the United Kingdom which I credit to my own ignorance, when I think of poverty I think of third world countries instead of looking at all countries as a whole. As a future educator, these problems will affect us tremendously, and unfortunately, these problems will only worsen as time progresses. As a parent is hard to imagine my child being a dropout, being a part of low social class, or even being bullied or being a bully. To negotiate these issues as a parent I would just deal directly with the issues as they arise and try to provide my child with the best home environment that I can. Bullying would probably be the hardest one to deal with because it is an extremely difficult task to get students to accept and love one another. With the advancement of technology, bullying will only worsen, and as classrooms become technological advanced, it will be hard to monitor. As our economy stands, I believe poverty will still increase, which will …show more content…
Katie definitely looked at her topic from multiple perspectives, Stephanie did a great job looking at her topic globally, and Bryce’s Charleston example definitely helped us relay the topic, but if we all would have looked at the issue from multiple disciplinary lenses our topic could have been communicated better. However, as a group we displayed an abundance of important information. The lesson plan was planned in a cohesive manner, but we never stated the issue, which was Equal Opportunity of Education. Without stating the overall topic, hitting the bullet points were most likely not easy to catch on too. We covered the entire checklist, but not stating the broader topic did not show how all of the checklist items were connected. The class only enjoyed answering the interactive questions, but they were definitely engaged with note taking and asking their own questions. With Bryce’s piece of the presentation class engagement was present, especially in the video sent to Zach. In the future, I would make sure to pay attention to our time constraints and think of better ways to engage my classmates. Next time, I would make sure the broad topic is stated in the end and the

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