Reflection On Diversity

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Diversity is the state of our mind when we are able to identify that there are differences with other individual in cultural, race, ethnic, gender, social structure, values, and other characteristics that he or she feel different from others. From this perspective, we could see that every individual is unique. Although, we are different as a person that does not mean that we have to make a distance between us, rather than to embrace ourselves in understanding each other, help each other, and work together. In order to have more understanding about diversity, we need to study and experience the differences such as cultures, ethnic groups, races, and other unique backgrounds. Here, at Murray State University, I have chance to meet many people from different country with diverse backgrounds and it help me to learn about diversity.
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In every class that I took this semester, there are always some Indian students. Moreover, in international settings, we could see many of Indian people hold managerial positions in the multinational company, for instance in Asian Regional of Intel Corporation. These might indicate that they have strong motivation in education and work ethic, or in this case, it might also relate to their Hindu beliefs since Hindu is the majority in India with around 80% of the population. However, I know only a little information about Hindu, since I rarely work with them because they are a minority in my country, Indonesia. This motivates me to know more about their culture and religion and also to understand their work ethic so when I work with them in the near future, I could work without having significant

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