Reflection On Direct Instruction Video Essay

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Direct instruction video #1 My lesson was implemented mostly as I had planned. The difficulties came with the videotaping. Students were a bit silly at times. The person doing the video was a student, and at times it has poor quality due to the students ' inexperience. If I were going to teach this lesson again, I would have some secondary written source for the students to evaluate, not just the pictures. They seemed to understand the relationships of the five themes of history in the drawings. I would like to challenge them to make the same connections with written works. The students seemed to like the color coding of the pictures. I would keep that the same because it engaged some of the lower readers in the class. They could justify using logic were not held back by lower reading ability. What surprised me in the lesson was how quickly the students caught on. I expected them to take more time to make the connections between knowing the five themes of history, and applying them. One of the things that I found perplexing was how well behaved my students were. They raised their hands, participated, and followed the expectation that everyone had to stay behind the camera. I chose that because I have been challenging their behavior and acting out for the first two weeks of school. To see them cooperate for the lesson was a unique experience. They now know they can do it and I hope that it occurs more often.
The connection that I made, is to keep…

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