Reflection On Developing Critical Thinking Skills Essay

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Reflection on Developing Critical Thinking Skills in Nursing Education. The after-degree nursing program at the University of Alberta provides a wide collection of different learning experiences that help to support the transition from nursing student to professional practice. In order to be successful in this program, students will need to develop sound critical thinking skills as this will assist them in making clinical decisions and providing safe patient care. Critical thinking is conscious judgement that leads one to interpret, analyse, infer and explain evidence (Bittencourt & Da Gracia, 2012). Furthermore, it is a process of active and skillful perception that involves analysis, synthesis and evaluation of available information through observation and communication, leading to decision making (Papathansiou, et al, 2014). In today’s health care system, nurses now have to deal with increasing patient acuity, and with complex situations involving, family members and the interdisciplinary team. Therefore, to provide holistic care, they need to develop sound critical thinking skills (Potter & Romyn, 2014). Developing proficiency in this skill will help nurses to respond quickly to changes in the client’s condition and to determine priorities of care based on the urgency of the situation (Shoulders, Follet & Eason, 2014). The purpose of this paper is to reflect on the process of my identification and development of critical thinking during my nursing…

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