Cross The Border Story Summary

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Reflection on “Cross the Line: Border Stories” The video starts with a funny activity in Mexico that simulating how the illegal immigrates to cross the US and Mexico border. The participants are mostly Mexican young people, most of them start dreaming to cross the US and Mexico border even before they start elementary school as it mentioned in the video. However, the Mexican government sees the activity as a practice to teach the young people to betray their motherland. So they do not support it. On the other side, the locals they blame the incompetent government doing nothing to help them out of poverty. While the local economy starts to increase and the people who used to living there gradually move back after the locals opened that migrant theme park. …show more content…
The north part of Mexico are mostly plateau and mountain. People are living on corns and that is the reason why, when I was visiting there, one food you cannot avoid in every Mexican meal is Tortilla. It is hard to open a farm in the foothills. So, there are not enough corps produced in Mexico. Lots of the people in Mexico are poor and lack of food. What is worse, as most of the Mexican farmers are too poor to buy mechanics to help them framing. That will lower the harvest of the corps. It is a vicious circle for both of the Mexican agriculture industry and their economy. In order to prevent the illegal immigrants cross the border, the American government should also help the Mexican government develop their economy. For example, most of the illegal immigrants, they send their income back to their hometown to build a big house or create a better life for their family members in the video. So, if they can get a reasonable salary to support their life in Mexico, the illegal immigrants’ rates will decrease rapidly because the illegal immigrants will lose their motivation to cross the

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