My Reflection On Counseling And Therapy

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Throughout this course I have learned a wide variety of information that I had previously overlooked. I found that the more I found out about psychotherapy the more I began to understand that different clients need different forms of help. Therapy is not a one size fits all; it is about catering the method to fit that if the client. At the beginning of this class I was very skeptical about the idea of counseling and therapy due to media influence, person experience, and other outside sources.
The first week of class an assignment was handed out. The assignment was to take a quiz that informed the perspective of counseling most closely fit the quiz taker. When I took it I was shocked to find out the results of the quiz. The quiz told came up
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Personally, more often than not I have found that I get stuck in situations and feel like there is no way out. Solution-focused therapy is a great type of therapy for people like myself. It allows a person to see a different point of view about their life, allowing to change the view point and improve the quality of like by removing the stressors. Before taking this course I was not aware of this type of therapy. I have gone to therapy in the past and had different types of techniques used on me without any improvement. I feel like if a therapist would have used solution-focused while incorporating other techniques it would have truly helped …show more content…
I have found that I did not know enough about psychotherapy and now I feel like I have a better understanding. This course is a type of course that helps you in school and also in life because there are tricks and tips you can apply to yourself and others. Since almost completing this course I have been able to apply my knowledge to help my friends and family and even myself. Over all, I have taken a lot from this course. My view on the theory of counseling has completely changed since completing this course compared to when I first began the class. My favorite type of counseling so far has been reality therapy. Reality therapy is perfect for helping many people change their outlook on their day to day life and for this reason I have taken an affinity to this type of counseling. I am very happy I decided to take this course and hope to take other courses that help me expand my knowledge of

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