Reflection On Beyond My Personality

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Beyond My Personality
Part I: Working Style
Reflecting on my working style self-assessment, I was surprised to know that my energy was high in explore and examine. Some of my strengths according to the 5 dynamics are that I have a systematic approach which is driven by facts and data, I prefer reason and logic. I need to see the big picture before my mind can grip the facts. I tend to be proficient at researching and collecting data, as well as revealing errors and correcting mistakes. I am introverted, rational, organized, detailed and always want to know, why and how. My challenges are that I can become overwhelmed and frustrated when I expect perfection from myself and others. I am the biggest procrastinator I tend to put off things that I don't like doing as well as finishing assignments and projects on a deadline. Since I tend to be so organized that working or learning can become a struggle when I have co-workers or teachers who are disorganized or are too unreliable. According to my energy group everything has its place and has its appropriate time. I learn best by organizing and categorizing them into functional outlines once they are organized I can easily learn or memorize them. Also, by using a recorder I can control the way that the course is delivered. As well, if I create a visual diagram of what is being studied, I seem to retain the information better. If my assessment of my style was different than the computer assessment, then I believe my assessment would

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