Old Age And Adulthood Analysis

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Journal 5: Adulthood and Old Age

Adulthood and old age, from this session I reflected deeply about my life how I got where I am today. I can describe my experience as being a roller coaster, sometimes I go up and then all of a sudden I am down fallen everyone goes through good/hard moments in his or her life. When hard moments come, everyone will want to wish to go back to the good old times this why I describe life as being a roller coaster. The lifeline exercise we did in class, I could reflect better on my life I could see that although I might have some tough time in my life, I could identify that one person that was always there supporting me was my mother. In this exercise, I reflected how family does influence my personal life, and maybe some decisions I come to make is an influence from friends and family who are there by my side. Through the lifeline exercise, I reflected deeply about myself that although I have gone through many failures in my life; I always was motivated to pull myself back. I noticed how support from friend and family has always helped me to motivate myself to study with the aim of achieving a degree.
Furthermore, comparing my lifeline graph with another person's lifeline in my group, I noticed how family and friends do have a huge part in influencing us to choose the right or wrong decisions. Other persons, in
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Every person approves that a line needs to be drawn between client and worker. One of the crucial reasons for this is the safety of the client and the worker. (COOPER, 2012) Some strategies that help the social worker to maintain professional boundaries are; the help of the supervisor in challenging situations, devoting extra time to particular clients, finding time for yourself to reflect and nurture yourself, Be discriminating in your use of social media and know how to manage stress work related. (National Association of Social Workers,

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