Essay about Reflection On A Personal Reflection

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A Personal Reflection

Reflection is one of the most effective learning tools that anyone can utilize. It is through reflecting that people can learn from their mistakes and change their habits. By reflecting, people often create new and spontaneous ideas. As my first quarter as a college student is coming to an end, I have the opportunity to reflect upon all of the unique things that I have learned. Out of my three classes, my English class provided me with the most beneficial learning experiences. Writing for this class has taught me many things; some of these things were rude and surprising realities. The most valuable things that writing for this class has taught me are my studying weaknesses, my tendencies, and how to use my resources to their full potential. Planning and a staying focused are skills that I have certainly lacked throughout my educational career. Getting my assignments done and turned in on time has never been an issue. However, I admittedly have had trouble spacing out my work load. Even through high school, I often times started assignments the night before they were due. Quite frankly, I thought that I could continue this risky routine throughout my college career. During the first week of the quarter, Professor Calkins handed me a schedule and I had to fill in all of my designated free time slots and study time slots. As I filled out the schedule, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was shocked to see that I barely had any time during my week to get my…

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