Process: The Writing Process

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The writing process is the process of prewriting,drafting,revising, and editing. Before writing an essay, one must brainstorm ideas and write an outline to organize those ideas. Outlining will frame the main ideas and supportive examples for the essay. After brainstorming, one will begin drafting the rough draft where they can write write down ideas or thoughts that immediately come to mind. Then after writing the rough draft, one will revise and rewrite it. To revise is to look back on the draft with a fresh mind, review what main points are stated, and reorganize the ideas into well structured sentences. Editing comes after revising. To edit an essay is to proofread it;it is to check for grammatical mistakes,spelling errors, and incorrect …show more content…
Limiting myself of time will not allow me to examine my ideas or rewrite my essay more thoroughly. It is necessary me to introduce myself to revising and rewriting; getting into the habit of looking at my essay over and over again rather than assuming that it is already good enough. I also need to practice understanding the prompt and doing what it is asking instead of sitting for hours, wondering what other ideas I should write about. I must always assume that my writing can always be improved; it can always be rearranged or even taken out …show more content…
I need to give myself more than one night to complete a rough draft and a final draft; maybe, I will give myself a week before the essay is due. During that week of writing, I would have already outlined my ideas, written a rough draft that deals mostly on my main points rather than correct grammatical structure, revised and rewritten the essay, and edited the revised version. When outlining, I could draw web diagrams, map out, and continue to bullet point my topic ideas. While writing, I could simply write down my main ideas in sentences that do not have to be grammatically structured; according to Lamott “The first draft is the child’s draft, where you let it pour out and let it romp all over the place”. In the first draft, I could let out all my thoughts and not care about syntax; writing my first draft it supposed to explain my main points. After writing, I would revise what I had written and then rewrite the entire essay over again. When editing, I could reread my revised essay and check for grammar mistakes rather than checking for mistakes right after the first draft as I usually do. After completing my new writing process, I would not publish my essay without reading and revising it

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