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Throughout this semester I have become a more successful writer. In the beginning of this class I was not familiar with all the techniques and processes available to me while writing a paper. Now, I am able to point out techniques and processes that work best for me. This course has helped me to point out some of my strengths and weaknesses while working with specific techniques and processes that advised me along the way. One thing I consider to be a strength in my writing is developing ideas and topics. Throughout the semester I have learned to focus on details that would help me expand on my ideas and topics so they aren’t hard to follow along with. One technique that helped me to target the development of my ideas and topics was clearly …show more content…
Coherence has been a conflict during this semester and on all of the papers because I try to stay on topic and connect them back to my thesis, but sometimes I’ll become sidetracked and veer off the main point. One paper that this is seen in is my Multisource paper on intersectionality and Boa Phi’s essay “Brutal”. In the final draft of my paper, my third paragraph went in an alternate direction from everything else in my paper. The paragraph didn’t quite have a clear topic to it which is the reason it lead me in a different direction from everything else; this paragraph also contained a lengthy summary of a about a man that was shot multiple times because a police officer assumed something was suspicious, which also lead the paragraph to become off topic. A technique I could focus on more is looking at all my support and seeing if it is clearly related to the topic of the paragraph so that I don’t move my writing into something that doesn’t fit into the paragraph and/or paper. Coherence is an excellent skill to possess in papers, for it will help the reader focus on the topic of the paper. As I procced into fields that will contain research papers that need to have coherence throughout all coursework, I will continue to work on and improve my skills to exceed in criminal justice and psychology

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