Essay On Writing Development

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As a writer I feel that one’s writing style and personality should be presented in one’s writing, and in this course we, the students, have been able to do so. I am here writing to evaluate my own development as a writer, to what extent I have been able to achieve the course goals, and how my perception on writing has changed. Therefore, I am here to say my writing fluctuates from time to time, and more than usual my grammar has been my down fall. For every individual there is something that she or he needs or wants to improve in my case and like I mentioned earlier my sense of style and personality in my writing has improved. It is easier for me to write as if my audience were right in front of me or I were ‘speaking directly to my audience.’ The more we write, revise, and read work we pick up knew things that enhances our writing. What is writing, is an important question to ask? What is writing, has been asked more than five times in phase one of this English course alone. So I ask myself again, and you all, what is writing? To define writing, like to practice writing itself, can only be done with ones’ perspective, because one might have a different understandings of what writing is though it might be very similar to others. Writing is a tool used and developed through thoughts and spoken words that are placed on paper, for …show more content…
Not only reading but also analyzing have been part of the course goals to improve my writing. Before writing these papers intensive research had to be done to make sense of them, either reading an article and analyzing it to make an argument or creating an argument and finding evidence that supports my claims. Once I decided to analyze Kathryn Tyler’s “The Tethered Generation” I had to find her argument, understand it, and conclude what I thought about the article itself. Did I agree with her or did I not? Were her thoughts implicit or

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