Writing Center Reflection

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The writing center was designed with the goal in mind of providing with didactic materials that will help the child to develop skills. For example the fine motor skill, how to grab the pencil, how to write on the paper, and how to play with match cards with words and pictures. Such materials were displayed on a table at the child’s level. The materials I provided had the main purpose of being explored to understand the concept of words and learn letters. I used the materials so he could be child- directed activities as well as he would not need assistance to help him to get them out or use them.
The reaction of the child was to immediately start using the materials; he was asking about words and using the clipboards to pretend to write. At a certain moment he
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I learned that the process to reading starts when we read to kids as young children. I also learned that sounding letters out is important for this age group. I already knew that the kids could name the picture but not read the word, but I did not know that along with the picture and the word, children can learn the meaning of the word. I knew that four kids could work well and concentrate together. I did not know that only two learn even more, and the teacher can work with them better one-on-one. I knew that a kid had to practice in order to learn something new. I did not know that they have to practice every day and the center has to be attractive so they feel like practicing every day.
My Language and Literacy course helped me because after the observation I could remember how the kid learned and I knew what things I had to look for to see if the kid was learning the right things. We had to look at how the child wrote his name, and if he was interacting with symbols and prints and if he held the book the right way. From that observation I had to do, I remembered what I wanted to teach these kids and what I had to have so they could

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