Essay about Reflection Of The Small Group Session

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Reflection: The aspects of the small group session that went well were that the group members were enthusiastic, prompt/engaged during group sessions, the lessons were well organized, the conference room was in a non-threatening area, and the students were open to feedback. I think the group went well because it was made up of all females who were visibly relieved to learn that there were others in the school that shared similar experiences. If any of the identified male students participated, I feel it would have negatively impacted the trust and openness developed between the female students. The results of the post-test and activities indicated that the students learned. I was able to coordinate it so students were not out of class during a core class, which reduced their stress levels around missing class instruction, and because I collaborated with each of the students’ teachers prior to pulling them out of class teachers were more accepting. The aspects of the small-group sessions that did not go as well as I expected were I had too much information I hoped to cover in the time allowed, the afternoon announcements began during a meditation activity, disrupting the exercise, I expected some of the males identified would have participated in the group, and I could have been more effective if I just validated the group member that needed constant reminders to stay on task and not interrupt. Upon reflection I realized that the lesson for the last group was too time…

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