Reflection Of The Pentateow

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Register to read the introduction… Moses, the hero of the Pentateuch, was traditionally assumed to be the work’s author because he received the Ten Commandments and the laws from God. However, modern scholars describe the Pentateuch as the time-worn product of four ancient writers and editors, who each revised and expanded existing work. Different parts of the narrative and laws in the Pentateuch are ascribed to each contributor based on differences in the style and theology of the text. The Pentateuch covers the history from the beginning of time and includes Israel’s conquest of the promise land. Genesis covers Pre-History and the Patriarchs. Genesis comes from a Greek word meaning origins. The first eleven chapters of Genesis describe the beginning of the universe, humanity, sin, and punishment. Genesis contains the story of Adam and Eve and how sin was brought into the world. Genesis 12-50 tells the story of Abraham and his families journey of faith. Exodus is about the deliverance of the Israelites. Exodus means departure. It tells the story of Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt and to the promise land. The story of Exodus in the Old Testament is equivalent to the cross in the New …show more content…
Although they do have some things in common with the ideas of Egypt and Mesopotamia, the difference is far greater. The Hebrew Bible is by far the most original with emphasis on moral values and love that enables it to be more influential than other primary sources. It also focuses on people; past, present, and the future fate of the Jews. It even contains prophesies, which makes it even more intriguing. When I read from the Old Testament it makes me reflect my faith that I can know the history of the making of the world, and mankind. To better understand what was the message that God left for us, and to intrigue my curiosity with how we are who we are today.
On many occasions I have questioned was mankind mad from evolvement of the planet, and if perhaps we evolved from a perhaps a living cell then I realize how detailed we are including the planet we live on, and truly have faith that it was Gods doing of making us who we are. I would have loved to see a time when Adam & Eve were so pure of sin, and before a life of hardships would not be

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