Reflection Of The Pearl

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John Steinbeck wrote The Pearl in 1947. Steinbeck was inspired by a tale he heard in La Paz during his travels. In the book, it depicts a story of a man named Kino, his wife, Juana and their son, Coyotito. In their life, they experience obstacles such as oppression, racism and the harsh reality of their class system. In life, there are things such as age, race, gender, as well as the class system as depicted in the book that can affect how people can perceive you and you perceive yourself. For instance, Kino his life changes as a result of the pearl and how others view him and how he views himself. In the story, it tells a story of Kino and his family, he is the poor fisherman and lives his life as a family man. However, when his son gets stung by the scorpion that was the small step that affected the course of his life. Also, when he gets the pearl that too affects his life and results in the dramatic change and how his life goes about. In the book, John Steinbeck conveys that the things that happen in their life can alter the lives of yourself but those of others. In the case of Kino, his life does change when he comes into the possession of the pearl. It also affects the lives of the people who are close to him, for example, his wife, and …show more content…
Previously, in the beginning he his identity was something of a family man, but as soon he enters “The Pearl of the World” he begins to see everyone as an enemy and The Song of the Enemy hums in his ears faintly because once the news travels that has found the pearl people begin to flock him like an instant celebrity. For example, the priest, he comes to Kino in the underhanded way of wanting donations for the church as well as the doctor previously the doctor refuses to treat Coyotito because Kino and Juana are poor but once he comes to light about the pearl and comes to his house

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