Reflection Of The Old Testament

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In the religion of Christianity god is the alpha and the omega (beginning and end). He is the creator of all things and the taker of all things. Everything in this world flows through him, his sons and the Holy Spirit, which then flows through us. The religion of Christianity is based on truth, righteousness, and the teachings of Jesus Christ. Inthe beginning he created the heavens and the earth and then he made man.

When god first created man it was Adam and Eve during this time man was holy Adam walked with god face to face just like any other human being walking together . Then all of that changed when Eve was tempted by the devil to eat the fruit from the tree of knowledge . She then convinced Adam to do the same, the minute they ate that fruit there state of mind changed and so did man 's future. Man with our ungodliness can no longer talk to god like man once did.
Inthe Old Testament god spoke to man through profits and teachers to get his words to the people such as John the Baptist, Moses and Paul. They got there commands not physically but spiritually god speaking through them
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The people who wrote the books in the bible did not all wake up one day and say "I want to write this book" They were all used by god his energy flowed through them to write about their experience or facts about Christianity. Some books were just written by one person Moses and Paul wrote most of the books in the bible even though they do not have a book of their own. The bible also has a lot of different translations such as N.I.V, the King James, and the new English version. All of them are the same word but just a different translation some might be easier for people to understand and others use more Shakespearean language like they would back then. No matter which version you read they all give the word of god. Jesus and his

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