Reflection Of The Nursing Metaparadigm

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Register to read the introduction… Continuing to show this patient how much I cared through my perseverance made a difference in both of our lives. I created a healing and caring environment in an environment that could be harsh with a lack of positive human to human connection. I should not let my frustration be so apparent or voiced the that I did not even know why I became a nurse, it was not professional. I often wonder if that patient had not seen the effect he had on me that he may have never realized that I truly did care. In a different environment I would have been able to enhance this caring moment by being able to give more of my time to the patient and provide even more education. The nursing metaparadigm applied to this patient and I was unaware of it at the time. As I am learning about nursing theories I can see it. I had individualized the nursing care for this person. I identified the mental and physical problems this patient was facing and tried to implement the appropriate measures. I used my critical thinking skills to establish the patient's plan of care. I also got to know the patient and the patient's lifestyle and used this in the plan of care (Sitzman, …show more content…
A nurse really can make a difference in someone's life when they are caring for a patient with their heart. Whether or not it is physical or mental a nurse can save someone's life with a caring nurse-patient relationship. Caring and healing, I believe that one cannot exist without the other. Lukose, A. (2011, Jan). Developing a practice model for Watson's theory of caring. Nursing Science Quarterly, 24(1), 27-30. Caruso, E., Cisar, N., & Pipe, T. (2008, April/June). Creating a healing environment: An innovative educational approach for adopting Jean Watson's theory of human caring. Nursing Administration Quarterly, 32(2). Vanenhouten, C., Kubusch, S., & Peterson, M. (2012, Nov/Dec). Watson's theory of transpersonal caring Factors impacting nurses professional caring. Holistic Nursing Practice, 26(6), 326-334. Morris, D. L. (2006). Encyclopedia of nursing research (2nd ed.). Retrieved from

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