Reflection Of The Last Lecture

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An autobiographical book called "The Last Lecture" written by Randy Pausch is about his last lecture to the students and to his family before he dies caused by diagnosis with pancreatic cancer. The Last Lecture divides into six sections, with short chapters focus on specific life lessons that Pausch has experienced and learned over the years. The first section, titled The Last Lecture, is made with three short chapters. Pausch talked about the Carnegie Mellon 's tradition which is professors who is about to retire or dismiss invited to give last lecture to the students; nevertheless, the invitation to Pausch is pretty depressing because this is going to be the last lecture he will give within the few months of his life. Before making the decision, he had conflict with his wife, Jai, about the last lecture. If Pausch decides to give the last lecture to the students, then he will not be able to spend time with his family, and more worst, he won 't be able to attend his wife 's birthday party, which is going to be the last birthday to be together. But then Pausch talked to Jai that his children won 't be able to remember him playing with his children when they grow up; therefore, it is better to leave a video about who was their dad so that they will be …show more content…
Although he learned that he has only few months to live, he stayed optimistic and thought about purpose of his life which lead him to write the book and give his last lecture. As each chapter passes, readers can feel Pausch 's passion for his job as professor of computer science, ambition to achieve his childhood dreams and achievement, and love for his family. Although Pausch has passed away at July 25, 2008, his legacy, "The Last Lecture", still lives within us

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