Ethical Dilemma Journal Analysis

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Everyone has handle stress and pressure either from work on daily basis. Below is my dilemma journal I have seen and observed for the last seven days.
Day 1: Wednesday
The dilemma I am going to talk about today is happening at my workplace and my co-worker and I are involving in it.
Recently at work we create a spread sheet keep up with our timely schedule such as attendance and finish task of the month. This log is used by upper management for our evaluations that are coming up by the end of the year. The log is also used for evaluating the employee performance for bonus opportunity. The company I am working for is family owns and operates since 1922 and we are working closely to each other. Here is the problem; my co-worker has always showed
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I am currently facing dilemma that I found extremely difficult to complete my school work and my regular work. I were unable to keep work and classes separately due to an increase demand task at year end, increase amount of study time desire at quarter end. Too many tasks assign to meet the deadline, also homework need to complete on the timely manner. I have been sick for the last few days and am unable to complete some of my assignments. As the result, I have used some of the extra company time to complete my class assignments today. I am aware of my behavior is against the company policy and this act is unacceptable. We have training on ethical ethic what we should and should not do during work hour. However, I understand that the pressures of the situation resulted in my personal interest doing personal work on company …show more content…
As we all know that, Friday is seems like a lay back day for most of office people. This is a problem because people take advantage of their job and not doing what they are supposed to do. I don’t know since when Friday become a day when people just doing a little task here and there to call as work, but it will cost the company work volume fells behind the company target goal. This usually happens at our office at the end of the day, especially Friday. I noticed my co-worker talking on their cell phones, using company phone to call out, taking long breaks than usual, even some leaving to get coffee. They didn’t even clock out when handling their personal affairs. As the result, other employees like me will have to double the amount of work in order to achieve the target at month end. I think they just thought it was okay to take advantage of the fact that the upper managers are not usually around on this day; therefore, this will ensure no one got

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