The Importance Of Diversity Into The Classroom

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Faculty and staff of Trion High School,

Our world is continually changing and becoming more diverse each and every schoolyear. The demographics of our community show up to our schools, and we must create paths to accomodate their differences into our classrooms. We are currently facing an entourage of hispanic , autistic, and low socioeconomic students entering our school system. It is our job to effectively teach them at the same level that we teach kids that we can closely identify with.

Hispanic families are flooding the United States job markets at an incredible rate in an effort to achieve the "American dream," like the Europeans did in the 1920 's before the Great Depression. They often live in poverty in their native countries, and seek refuge in the land of the free. They uproot their families in search of "greener pastures" and infiltrate an already crowded job market and education system in this country. They do bring hard work and cheap labor, but thier children suffer in our schools
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Sometimes, I feel like, that no matter how hard I work to present the information to my students, they just don 't fully grasp the concepts. Some students just learn better from a group setting and talking with their peers.

We could utilize websites such as "Inclusive Schools Nework"

We, as a whole, must not assume that just because we have programs in place, that all special needs students have been recognized thoughout our school. We should progressively search for kids that have disabilities but haven 't been diagnosed and provide help in accordance with their needs. We must not let children that show signs of psychological, social, or physical needs slip through the cracks and fall behind in class. It is our job to help each and everyone of our students succeed in the

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