Case Study Colloquium Classroom

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The colloquium class was very interesting because we went over few themes. Also, Charlie explained to us about the EAS test and CST test and vocabulary words that we need to learn to be able to accomplish our goals as a future teacher. During the discussion, one of the classmates specified to us that Asperger Syndrome is no longer in use to define our student. She said that now with the change, Asperger Syndrome is now referred as Spectrum. As well, our facilitator Charlie was very surprised because he really didn’t know that it had been change. Then he gave us the definition of what is Autism. It is a developmental disability that affects the verbal and no-verbal communication and social interaction before the age of three and affect the …show more content…
Or as my facilitator explained to us, if the ENL teacher is teaching by herself, in this case is conceded special education teacher. In the comprehension, it is the ability to read the text and the process of understand meaning. In decoding it is the ability to apply your knowledge of letters and sounds related to the letter patterns to the correctly pronounce written words. ELLs or English language Learner is a person who is learning the English Language in addition to their native language. Fluency is the ability to read accurately and quickly. In Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA), these strategies help IEP teams to select interventions that directly address the problem behavior. Also, we learned that the IEP is a document used for special education services, so the school system’s plan to provide special education services that are appropriate for the student unique needs. In addition, Charlie said that after the IEP is done the parents have ten days to invalided it, that always the parents and the school team together need to choose the unique plan for this specific student as an individual. Hence, in the inclusion setting the students with special needs spend most of their time with the regular class. Thus, there is one word that we as a future teacher must keep in mind, this is Instructional Scaffolding which is the support given during the learning process. This is tailored to the needs of the student with the intention of helping the student achieve their learning goal. My facilitator Charlie made emphasis in this word Scaffolding, he said that scaffolding is a temporal process of learning. Response to intervention (RTI), this paper needs to be signed by the parents since this is your data because when the principal asked you about one specify student, you will have the responsibility to demonstrate how this student is

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