Stereotypes In Schools: Film Analysis

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I really enjoyed the movie paper clips and enjoyed the message behind it. These two teachers did a good job with trying to change the world one life at a time. The teachers decided, the Holocaust project would be the perfect way to teach diversity to the students in the small town of Whitwell, Tennessee. I agree, the project was a great way to teach diversity and eliminating stereotypes because the students were from a small town where everyone was the same race. At the end of the project there were a lot of lessons learned and relationships built. The students were eager to learn and the teachers were just as excited for them to be able to carry out the project. I liked how the projected began by the student wanting to understand what …show more content…
I experienced this type of work last semester in my special education class. We were told to shadow a special education and then write a reflection about what you seen. I learned way more with the firsthand experience than I ever could by just reading the text and going to class. I actually got to see and interact with kids with special needs and see how their classroom operate. I was able to observe behaviors, interruptions and how the teachers handle the class throughout the day. Before going in the class, I really had no idea what a typical day is like in a special education class. This experience gave me a new respect level for special education teachers. I enjoyed the experience, it allowed me to practice and see if teaching a special education class was something, I would want to do. Without that experience, I …show more content…
It was a good, feel good positive movie that the whole family could watch. I like how the whole community came together to help the kids with project and everyone was able to learn something. The teachers always let the students lead and do the leg work, they were there as a support system. The focus always stayed on the kids trying to complete the project. In this film, you seen that people can be really good at heart when you need help. This film showed that students are able to carry out projects without always being guided and it be successful. These were the type of things that Dewey recommended. I applaud the teachers for allowing the students to conduct their own history lesson. This film shared a very inspiring story of the Holocaust, one of history’s biggest tragedies that many of us will not be able to forget. Finally, Paper Clips was able to put a positive spin on one of history’s most tragic event. Now we will be able to have a new outlook on the Holocaust event and

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