Reflection Of Technical Writing

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Before taking this course, I had no idea what technical writing was or why I had to take another English class seeing as I am a Computer Engineering Major. During the first couple weeks of the course I slowly figured out what Technical Writing is and why it is essential for a successful career. From my understanding, Technical Writing teaches you skills that majority of careers require you to know. From writing emails, memos, reports, manuals, and many more, your boss most likely will not be pleased to find out that you somehow got a degree without these skills. I am so jubilant that I was required to take this course. If I had not of taken this course, I would have had some serious issues with all my writing assignments and communication in my career. My skills in this course increased by so much just because of the fact that I learned so many new writing skills. For example, before I took this course, there were so many errors in my emails. The format was all wrong and sometimes I would even use slang. Now, I know the correct way. I use proper English, I always began with words like dear and end with words like sincerely, and I …show more content…
All I wanted was a C or better in this course due to the fact that I did not want to take it in the first place. I did not plan to work hard and I planned to focus on my other classes I felt need more attention and place this one on the back burner. I felt like this was going to be just another English class where do the same things we did since elementary school. My attitude about this course has completely turned and went in the opposite direction. Technical Writing is extremely important and there are so many people who feels the way I felt. If they are like the person I used to be when it comes to technical writing, they will never know until they take the

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