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On November 10th I experienced something new when I attended the weekly meeting of St. Louis County Council (Council). The Council conducts weekly meetings to discuss and manage the affairs of St. Louis County. In this report I will discuss my observations of one such meeting. The meeting was called to order, the pledge of allegiance was conducted, and Chairman Dolin opened the meeting. As expected the beginning of the meeting was formal, roll call was completed and the council proceeded with the business according to the agenda. There was a special presentation by County Executive Steven v. Stenger, to Andrea Jackson-Jennings, Director of the Department of Human Services. Stenger presented a Proclamation declaring November 14-22, 2015 …show more content…
This proposal reflects the solution-focused approach. Chapin (2014) states this approach “shifts emphasis from problems to goals, strengths, and resources” (p. 240). This recommendation allows the police departments to use new resources to improve practices, improve performance, and strengthen community relations. The Ferguson incident is still a sensitive topic and the community is still trying to recover. The suggested proposal should help restore a level of confidence in the police department with the communities. However the standardization of the departments was not the main concern of the citizens in attendance. Many of the citizens fear St. Louis County is trying to take over all the county police departments and displace the community elected staff and police …show more content…
In general, the proposal sounds like a wonderful idea, however what is the true goal of the county council and how will this impact the community and citizens in those areas? Are the citizens’ rights being violated, is the county council bullying the smaller police departments? As a social worker in these communities it is imperative that I am able to analyze the policies to help my clients understand possible outcomes, benefits and possibly lost service or

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