Reflection Of Shama's Personal Experience In Health Care

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Shamas is 48 years old, separated, has 3 boys and 1 girl and is a housewife. She diagnosed with breast cancer stage II. She finished treatment 8 months prior to the interview. She had a mastectomy, chemotherapy and hormonal treatment.

Shamas is a reserved person and spoke in a constant tone, some points were given more emphasis especially those related to being spiritual and accepting God’s will. Some issues were less apparent in the interview such as the impact of cancer on family. Her experience with the health care provision was not positive as she claimed being diagnosed with a benign tumor by a general physician and waiting for a year before knowing that it was a breast cancer. For her, doctors were not professional in terms of breaking
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Having breast cancer at a such young age makes her feel different especially when she was surrounded by elder patients during treatment and questioning herself, ‘why me?’ [her words].

In relation to her personal experience with health care service she was clear that having a conservative surgery has a positive impact on accepting the disease. On reflection, Amar feels lucky to have the conservative surgery done in contrast to other women who would wish to have the chance to do it:
I was lucky because I did the surgery and the plastic surgery for my breast at the same time; my family and husband encouraged me to do it and I’m glad that I listened to them (Amar).

The uniqueness of Amar’s story presents in her self-growth in relation to completing her bachelor degree after finishing treatment. Also, she was able to cope well with her disease without her husband’s support who sadly died during her treatment. The experience with breast cancer left her thriving, determined to be alive for her children and try new things in
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She was diagnosed with breast cancer stage II in the early of 2013 and finished treatment in 2014. She had a mastectomy, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and hormonal therapy.

Haia discovered breast cancer by chance; her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and her oncologist advised Haia to have the mammogram. She was shocked having a breast cancer so she decided to keep her disease secret from her mother because she would not handle the shock. Her experience with the treatment was not easy on her as well as her elder son who was scared of losing his mother. She described how her son was afraid of chemotherapy side effects and begging her not to have it:
He told me to stop having the chemotherapy….. he was scared to lose me; I used to hide my medication so he (son) can’t see them (tear) because I didn’t want him to get worried and see how I was seriously ill

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