Reflection Of Personal Writing

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I am currently studying in Economics and Finance at the Sacramento State. In my academic work, I found myself particularly excited about investment and corporate finance-related subjects. As for my learning expectations for this class, I am looking forward to engaging in a writing environment where I can practice my planning and revision based on suggestions from professors and group members. I would like to see myself developing an awareness of how my major conducts their research in the field and how they prepare their writings. Throughout the class, I have been able to expand my understanding on how proper wording can change the effectiveness of writing and learned to organize my thoughts and ideas and fit them into my writing as well as …show more content…
At the beginning of the course, I could not create a general outline and write out the paper without consistently correcting myself as I write. Now my draft has evolved to become more completed regarding expressing my ideas. I was not concise enough to deliver my thesis during the period of the rough draft; later I learned to absorb feedback from my professor and generate a complete structure through advice given by peers. The revising strategies are primarily based on the reader perspective. Therefore, arguments need to be clear for the reader to understand my point fully. Revisions help me to focus on the information flowing in my paper and if my points make sense and support each other, such as I have to go to my work several times to catch any confusing word choice, such as wording and grammar, in efforts to construct my papers as professional as possible. Furthermore, my first drafts included all of my thoughts on the paper and the second draft looked thoughtful with more quotes and analysis that are demanded from the reader.
My approach to the writing process has changed since I found that proper wording and diction could influence my writing. That is why I pushed myself to keep my writing short by choosing the right words needed to prove
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For example, the first essay that I wrote for this class challenged me to improve my writing through revision. My first essay was an analysis of information interview about academic writing and it served as a breakthrough in the new style of academic writing. My focus in this essay was not on implementing others ideas, but on learning how to summarize and analyze based on the interview process. The summary and analysis were the sections where I think I demonstrated this new ability most. In those parts, I learned how to revise my analysis section and makes it more relevant and fits the interviewee’s framework. I think the more I work with others on projects, the more I will learn. Different people always provide various kinds of information, and I think that is very beneficial in working in a group. I would like to improve my ability to digest constructive criticism and apply it correctly to improve my writings. The only approach to developing these skills is to practice them, so I will attempt in the future to jump at every opportunity to present something and seek different

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