Organizational Communication Course Analysis

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During the course of this class we have learned some thought-proving information pertaining to organizational communication. As a part of our learning objectives an individual that has completed this course should have a deeper understanding of the communication process privately and corporately. In addition, a person that has completed this course should be able to illustrate and articulate the steps in the basic communication model which consists of the sender, the message, the channel, the receiver, and the encoding/decoding process. Lastly, an individual should be able to identify what is and is not considered effective communication within any organization.
Communication is a tool that if effectively used by organizations can foster
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For example, let’s talk about what a customer will see when they come and shop in a particular store. The company has a team of people in headquarters who come up with a potential diagram which indicates where certain merchandise should be placed within the store. Then this information is filtered down to the store team and it is their job to create the vision and then provide feedback. During the implantation phase many decisions have to be made by the store teams because the store may not have all the merchandise or materials needed to complete the project as designed.
Conflict management is another very critical aspect of the day to day operations of any business. Conflict management consists of techniques that people use to identify and deal with current or future disputes. With that being said, conflict management and effective communication are two behaviors that are directly related and needed for businesses to be successful. However, when effective communication practices are not at work misunderstandings will occur which will lead to potential conflict
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More specifically, we have learned interesting information about effective communication within the workplace. There are several elements that work together to run a profitable organization but communication should be considered the most important process/behavior of them all. Elements that attribute to effective communication within businesses are organizational structure, socialization in the organization, decision-making in the organization, conflict management in the organization, diversity in the organization, and technological change. This paper was a summary of how one organization, Bath and Body Works exemplify these behaviors on the daily

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