Reflection Of My Service Learning Essay

1311 Words Apr 30th, 2016 null Page
In the beginning of my service learning I did not think too much about it. Mostly I thought about going through the motions and hoping to understand the purpose of making students go out of their way to perform community service. But once I went to Faith Wesleyan church for the first time of doing community service I felt outraged and surprised at the same time. I did not understand that children could be so disrespectful towards adults volunteering their own time. Some of the children would get up in the middle of talking, and when asked where they were going they would ignore the question. Some of the other children would interrupt the talking and ask for more food. But although the first experience opened my eyes it was not until I went home, relaxed, and thought about the situation again.
My strengths at first were patience, understanding, empathy and moral choices but they were all tested. Because I felt morally superior I wanted to yell at the children for their negative behaviors but I learned to resist the urge to shout/interrupt (Pg.17, Ruggiero). Like the book states if I truly believed my ideas are sound the best way to demonstrate is by refusing to do the same behavior the children were doing. Also I learned the nature behind respect for person (Pg.97, Ruggiero), I always understood to treat someone the way you wanted to be treated, but not to consider that person worthy of sympathy, and not thought of mere possession. This took a whole another level of…

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