Reflection Of My Personal Reflection Essay

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Spiritual Reflection

This assignment felt like an answered prayer. Just last night I asked God to help me be more open in this course because I struggle with writing about other faiths and doubts of my belief. My spiritual journey has made me the person I am today. I have always believed in God. I was born the daughter of Baptist minister and a Sunday School teaching mother. After turning one years old, my mother and father split. This event only strengthened my mom’s spiritual education in our home. I heard gospel hymns daily in my house. If my mom was sick, she would sing. When she was sad, she would pray and sing. When I was in middle school, she asked me to help with Sunday School classes. I was able to teach the little kids. I attended every bible study event and bible camp. My first skating trip was with my church choir. There were not drama club at school, but if you were well mannered and good speaker, you could earn a role in the church Easter and Christmas play. I feel like I had a religiously strict upbringing, but I am not upset by that. It taught me values and beliefs that have aided me throughout life. An example of strict is when my mother wanted to ask a serious question, we had to put our hand on the bible before answering. Our summer school was at an old historically black college that had closed down. It was run by a local minister. About three times during the summer he would gather us in the gym and offer us a chance to come to Christ and be…

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