Reflection Of My Learning Style

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Learning Style
Nuval, Cyrhene Ashley
Section B71

Malayan Colleges Laguna
General Psychology
Gerson Francis Tuazon Learning Style
“Learning another language is like becoming another person.”
- Haruki Murakami -1949

This quotation tells us that learning is not just for information only but also in other language too. This also tells us that if we try to learn a language we somehow turn into another person or persona it is because we think that since we are in another country and we speak different language, we create a different side of us, the side of us that wants to adapt and the side of us that wants to be a part of another society. I know that this is not a part of my body, the part of my reflection, but it somehow inspire me to
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My learning style is that I will try to write every possible, critical, information for that specific course, because these critical information might be important in the future. I also try to write down key words that my professor gives and even in their PowerPoint Presentation, because these key words might show up in our exams, quizzes and activities. After our lesson in the school, I will review my notes and as I review my notes I will try to research on things that I need to further understand, because if you could not understand a thing in a lesson how can you answer the questions in your exams? Would you just guess the answer? No, it is not acceptable to guess, though sometimes guessing is another good option but not the best option though. If you just guess then how will your professor will know if you really understood the topic? Now, after I researched and try to understand what our topic is, I will read the book and after I read the book I will put a memo strip to indicate that it is either a critical thing to learn or it is too complex for me that I need to try and understood that part a little bit. After that, I will take quizzes online or I will ask my mother to make me a quiz and I will answer it to see if I have progress in

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