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My senior year is quickly coming to a close and soon enough I will be walking across that stage to receive my diploma. After what seemed like the shortest four years of my life. I am just a few months of transferring into the adult life. My four years at Grand View have prepared me for the next step in my life. I will discuss classes that have made an impact on me and how they have prepared me for the career I wish to go after.
Intro to Criminal Justice and Ethics I took this class my first semester at Grand View. This class kick started my interest for the criminal justice system and wanting to become a cop. My professor was Mathew Moore. He was a straight forward lecture teacher. You would think a lecture teacher would be boring, most were,
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This class was meaningful to me and my future. It taught us the relations between races and ethnicities at the social, political, and economical levels. It gave me a better understanding of other ethnic groups. Another class that fits right in with this one was my cross cultural perceptions class. Both classes taught me that judging a culture or race based off your own automatically you will have a biased approach to it. The hardest thing to do is to see why a culture or race do the things they do by looking at it from their shoes. With the career I am going into I need to suppress any bias I may have and give everyone the opportunity to explain themselves. I can’t be jumping to conclusions I must understand the facts and then make a decision. Recently cops and minorities have been in many conflicts. By taking this class I believe I will have a better understanding and hopefully my effort could repair the relations between cops and the …show more content…
Even though my internship has not started I believe it will be a very important class for my future. My internship is with the Polk County Sheriff’s Office. After all the book work over the past four years I will finally get hands on experience to tie it all together. I will be working in the jail giving me the hands on experience to go with the corrections and penology class that I took at Grand View. I also will be working with the detective division. This part of the internship program will teach me hands on how the investigation process works. Taking the class forensic science and crime scene investigation I will already have knowledge of the process but being there and seeing how it is done will bring it all together. Having this internship very important and it will show me what my career will be like.
All my classes have made an impact on me and have helped me to be prepared for the next step in my life. I am glad that I picked this major because I want to help people and protect those who cannot protect themselves. Grand View has been a great place for me as a student and has prepared me for the life after

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