Reflection Of My Faith Formation Essay

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I used to think that my faith formation began with my parents when I was a child, but I have since realized that my faith formation began when God chose to pursue me. So really my faith formation began before I was born. My parents raised me as a Christian. We prayed and attended worship together until I was in late middle school. At this time I was beginning to create my own identity and started finding ways of separating myself from my parents. I had a very basic understanding of God but my feelings were more of an intellectual curiosity than a desire for a relationship. I stopped attending worship with my parents and had other priorities. Despite my unwillingness to attend worship services, I continued to pray. At this time, prayer was the only way my faith was visible in my life to me.
Shortly after I graduated high school, my girlfriend invited me to attend a Lutheran church with her. I felt a sense of peace while in worship there that I had not felt anywhere else. I continued attending weekly and learned more about what it meant to be Lutheran. My girlfriend and I dated for several years and eventually were married. Getting married was a mistake. I enjoyed her company, but I did not love her. I was foolish enough to think that, since I had a good career, getting married was the next step. We had been married less than a year when I discovered she had been having an affair. We were divorced after counseling was unsuccessful. This was a very rough time in my…

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