Essay on Reflection Of My Academic Learning Experience

756 Words Jun 16th, 2016 4 Pages
This reflective log is to document a reflection of my academic learning experience as a higher education NUC student and how I would use the skilled acquired within this semester to further my studies proficiently throughout the next few years. What is the learner style I have gained and how would I incorporate the style in my learning? To accomplish the ideal academic performance my learning style and the strategies needed to compensate my weakness….
The most challenging module was the ‘Understanding Organisation’. I could not comprehend with the different business jargons, which made my learning incomprehensible. Under those circumstances, I decided to keep notes on jargon such as ‘Bureaucracy’, ‘subordinate’ and the difficult business phrases to later research the meanings and practices the spellings, knowing that I’m a learner who struggles with general spellings. Not only, was this module challenging, but I benefited from the group discussion which we had in the lectures. It was good to get other student perspectives, of issues that I did not think consider and questions that they asked during the lectures that did not come to my mind. I also enjoyed brainstorming in a group.
In Study Skills one of the activities I enjoyed the most was learning the use of signposting in essays which help the reader to comprehend the writing easier. Signposting is to connect phrases that must be said to what is about to be discussed, for examples, ‘Having discussed the reliability of…

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