Reflection Of Mrs. Gargus

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What! No way! Mrs. Gargus can’t do this to us! Not before a long break. There is no way I will complete this on time, but I must, everything depends on me succeeding. And what of my peers? How will they handle the completion this task? And why am I acting so dramatic? Maybe because I will fail, and then my life will slowing degrade from there. Oh Lord, please help me with this essay.
“Oh great! This is just what I needed right before a long, relaxing break. A 700-1000 word essay, but not just any essay... a descriptive essay! Yay! I love this class so much.” I say to myself unenthusiastically as my English teacher, Mrs. Gargus, goes over the rubric for the essay. Mrs. Gargus is an energetic, bubbly, and easy-going teacher who is loved by everyone. Today, she is wearing her frizzy, thick, dark, brown hair in a high messy bun on the top of her head, a light gray top with light green lettering tucked into a pair of light blue jeans that fans out at her shins, and her signature platform flip-flops. Don’t get me wrong, I love having Mrs. Gargus as my teacher, but this assignment is full of stress, mainly because I haven't started yet, but I know I shouldn't feel like this over one tiny essay. I am in a
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It was then that I realized it sounded childish, which caused me to erase the whole thing and started fresh. Again. This essay is starting to feel like an antagonist. I imagine it as a tall, slim, pale skinned man with dark red eyes and long black hair that is flying behind him as he walks around with a dictionary and a book of grammar rules yelling at people and explaining to people how their grammar is incorrect and how they are going to fail, since no one can succeed or conquer him as an assignment. But I think that my new idea might be able to get a good grade on this essay, which would mean I would beat my nemesis, the essay. I think I know just how to

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