Reflection Of Learning Experience

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I was given the opportunity to observe 5 different classrooms with different learning experiences. I was astonished by the way each teacher accommodated their students. I was surprised by the way hey felt teaching the lesson was more important than engaging in decision. I felt as though, most of my teachers did not focus on students who were ESOL, but partnered them with other ESOL students. I was trying to observe only the ESOL students, but it was hard to find which students were. Since the new integration among students as been established, every student is intertwined. I enjoyed that every student was given the same opportunity to learn a subject, but felt as though, some of the students should have been separated until they learn more of the English language. It was unique to see different peers …show more content…
Effective instructional practices I observed was to rely on both verbal and nonverbal techniques. We must be positioned so they can see our faces when we speak. Assign a buddy to the ESOL student, to help guide the students and answer questions at any point in the class. Build in more group work, so they can work with smaller groups that happen to contain other ESOL students. Make sure to have predictable routines in the classroom, like a bell ringer or attendance announcements. A smile from a teacher is worth far more than the time and energy it takes. By smiling we can urge the idea that we are here to help them succeed in life.
6. I really enjoyed this field experience and the understanding that every child is different in their own way. If I could have changed one thing, I would have liked to see more involvement in teachers with ESOL students. I felt as though the idea of looking at diversity in the classroom really wasn’t there because they were all intertwined. With the new idea of blended classrooms, it was really hard to really get the full focus of ESOL students. My question would have to be, how do we observe if we don’t know which child is

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